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Lendful is part of Peoples Trust Company, a federally regulated financial institution which has been providing financial services to Canadians for more than 35 years. Lendful is a trusted and reliable online consumer lending platform, specializing in helping responsible borrowers with good credit access lower rates, when compared to regular payday loan lenders.

* Lendful offers loan amounts from $5,000 to $35,000 with terms between 6 months to 5 years. Total APRs range from 10.78% to 22.48%, except for Quebec where APR cannot exceed 22% by law and would impact the highest interest rate available. APR (Annual Percentage Rate) means the cost of borrowing expressed as an annualized interest rate including any applicable fees such as service charges and administration fees. The Lendful APR is calculated using the interest rate offered (based on credit approval), a 2% administration fee (deducted from the disbursement amount), the payment term selected (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly), compound interest, and the term of the loan (6 months to 5 years). If a payment is missed, a $50 NSF fee will apply and is not a factor in the APR. The APR will be provided to you as part of the loan approval process.